Friday, April 15, 2011

Nasi Lemak Roti Pisang

The Alkisah.

Yeah nights and nights ago, I told this mister how I really really like his hair. He has got this nice curly hair, really curly, curlier than Maggi. He thought I love his hair so much but not actually liking him as a person. At least that's what I thought he thought. Dud, kelakarnya lu ni. And so I told him:

"Nget. U pnah tak g kedai beli nasi lemak? Seberapa banyak u suka makan kacang ngan ikan bilis, tetap tak best if takde nasi, sambal and timun. Janganla nget sangat, I tanak kacang and ikan bilis aje, nasi lemak is terbaekkk"

Now, come to think about it, yeah a person is sooooo like a nasi lemak. there are so many things about them that you may and may not like. Let's say, my cousin doesn't eat spicy stuff. So when she eats nasi lemak, she puts the sambal away. She doesn't throw the whole nasi lemak, but rather avoid eating the sambal. I guess it's the same way when you see a person, you don't like something about that person, you don't throw them away, but you simply avoid that bit.

And we like a person, not because of his/her individual 'portions' but the person as a whole nasi lemak. The taste of the whole nasi lemak may sedap or not sedap, but yeah we never saw someone bought nasi lemak just to eat the timun? Have you ever befriend someone just because you like his/her nose? Pfft.

Probably nasi lemak is just one of my all-time favourite foods, I can't stop thinking about it and relate to nasi lemak with everything else.
Let's eat roti pisang with dhal curry and kaya.

p/s: Gua tak paham betul blogspot ni. Baru nak navigate my way through. Demit. Terasa tua bila benda 'in' mcm ni gua tak reti guna. Ni dah kes macam mak gua tak reti guna telipon 5-6 tahun lepas. But hey that's another story.

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