Sunday, April 3, 2011

s0 much,s0 going 0n :P

I know I should have been doing some work now but I'm having a 'writer's block' at the moment, so you shut up :P

Im just practically want to complain before I could go back to work. I can't complain to people here because that will be a weakness on my side.

I went back late last night. Im almost sure I'll be staying back late too tonight. Someone said to me that I shouldn't be taking work home, but what choice do I have?

Im working so hard for so little a pay. The only thing that makes me optimistic is the amount of learning that I get from here. So yeah, those of you who have been thinking that me and my friends here are lucky, please think again. At least you wont have to work from early in the morning up till late at night. And still be taking work home and continue to work at home and sleep for 4hours every night. Live in fear. Still remember those time when we had so much pressure from having to submit an assignment? Well I tell you this, Im getting those freaking huge assignments on daily basis and instead of be given a month to complete it, Im getting a day or at most, a week. Im getting old day by day, at a fast rate from the amount of pressure and coping up with all of these. Some people said, "at least you dont have to travel to school by boats". Shut up. It's impossible to understand what's going on unless you are in my shoes.

Im scared, tired, depressed but thankful. Happy might be overrated. It's innate, but is getting torn day by day.

I can't give up and I don't want to. Just give me time to vent. I'll be okay. or I hope so.

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